Episode 21: Public Works Week in Marana, AZ

May 17, 2016

In this episode, celebrate Public Works Week with us as we get to know the people and services of the Town of Marana Public Works Department. Director Ryan Mahoney and Streets Superintendent Cookie Gallegos join us for an in-depth conversation about their jobs, and participate in a fun trivia challenge that explores the history of public works. 


Episode 20: MHS Choir and Orchestra

November 24, 2015

Making their Your Town debut in Episode 20 of the podcast are the singers and players of the Marana High School Choir and Orchestra.   In this episode, we chat with the choir director Sarah Ross and orchestra director Rachel Vega.  Then, for the first time on the podcast, we listen to some music!  Students will perform excerpts from what they’ve got in store for the Holiday Festival.  Finally, we wrap up with the Expert Challenge, where the students see if they can outsmart their teachers.  Give us a listen!  


Episode 19: Police Chief Terry Rozema

October 22, 2015

In this Episode, we hear from Marana’s Police Chief Terry Rozema about the state of public safety in Your Town. He discusses how the department has handled the opening of the new mall, his reflections on the media attention Marana received when an officer struck a suspect with his vehicle, and his recent recognition from the Marana Rotary Club as Man of the Year.


Episode 18: MUSD

October 5, 2015

During this episode of the Your Town Podcast, we take another look at Marana Schools. Principal David Mandel and Assistant Superintendent Kristin Reidy share some of the exciting ways MUSD is partnering with the Town. They also take a stab at answering questions from the Arizona state tests for the Your Town Trivia Challenge.


Episode 17: Marana 2.0

October 2, 2015

In this episode, the Your Town podcast learns about Marana 2.0 and how high school students are getting involved in local government.  In the quiz, we test a teacher’s and student’s knowledge about the Marana High School student handbook.  You’ll be surprised about what we found in there.


Episode 16: Code Enforcement

September 4, 2015

Code Enforcement Officer Bill Lorefice explains how his office is helping make Marana a safer place for both residents and business owners. 


Episode 15: Marana Community Food Bank

August 12, 2015

Executive Director Linda Hampton talks about the crucial role the food bank has played in the community for the past 60 years and what’s ahead for the vital service agency.


Episode 14: Marana Chamber of Commerce

August 7, 2015

The Chamber does more than serve the local business community. President/CEO Ed Stolmaker discusses the many ways Marana benefits from an active and involved Chamber of Commerce.


Episode 13: Summer Interns

July 24, 2015

Andrews Scholar Chris Saunders and BASIS High student Danika Lunnon discuss the many duties and experiences they have had during their Town internships.


Episode 12: Pavement Preservation Program

July 17, 2015

Public Works Director Ryan Benavides explains the many things the Town does to keep its roads in excellent condition for now and the future.